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Our Commitment

It’s not enough to do the work we do—we’re committed to awareness, empowerment, and the promise of a better future.

Putting passion to work.

While we don’t create medicines, we magnify their transformative power through our work, where we strive to match the courage, resilience, and ingenuity of the community and clients with whom we partner.


The Rare in Common story.

The 2017 Emmy-nominated Rare in Common documentary gave people from the rare disease community an opportunity to tell their stories. Today, the storytelling has expanded to the world of audio with the Rare in Common podcast. Whether you watch or listen, prepare to be moved and inspired by those touched by rare disease.

The Documentary.

Rare in Common follows the experiences of rare families: their struggles, their strength, and their hope for the future as they confront the challenges of living with a rare disease.

The Podcast.

Explore the latest Rare in Common podcast episodes featuring patients, caregivers, and physicians from the rare disease community.

Support the search.

It was time to take rare disease awareness to the masses—via mass transit. For Rare Disease Day 2017, we partnered with the MBTA to get the public talking rare. We chose to wrap a Red Line car in zebra strips to grab the attention of commuters—and because zebras represent rare diagnoses in the medical world.