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There are products that dazzle. There are products that move markets. And every once in a blue moon, there are products that change the very DNA of your business. Not only how it’s done, but how you measure success. Artificial intelligence (AI)-supported strategy and execution aren’t new, but our unique blend of AI and agency experience is. isn’t just an approach, it’s a service-based product. We’re not just market mapping, we’re market molding.

Rare AI Logo is a proprietary AI platform that can shorten the time to diagnosis by identifying individuals with a high likelihood of having a specific disease.

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Are you losing sleep in the face of industry challenges? You’re not alone.

But if you’re not finding new solutions to them, you will be.

The #1 problem facing you and the patients you want to help? An unbelievable and unacceptable diagnostic journey.

People with undiagnosed rare diseases may:

Physicians Procedures Misdiagnosed Wait for the right diagnosis
  • Cycle through 7-8 physicians
  • Undergo 14 procedures
  • Be misdiagnosed 2-3 times
  • Wait 7-8 years for the right diagnosis

With you can make it better.

What other issues are you nose-to-nose with? Look to to

  • Gain cross-functional buy-in from sales and marketing

  • Create workflow optimization for tracking, monitoring, and sales performance

  • Generate alignment on account, provider, patient segment, and market activity prioritization

  • Find, validate, and maximize the number of patients your product can help

  • Map specific leads

  • Measure and optimize sales and marketing activities

This isn’t just for the bold and the brave, it’s for the cunning and curious; it’s for those committed to helping the patients and families going through devastating diagnostic journeys, misdiagnoses and mismanagement, unnecessary disease progression, or worse.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing the light shining on your success comes from a beacon of hope. We know that helping people is what ultimately helps your business. Let us show you how.