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Support for Gaucher– from the ground up.

What if you had 1 month to create an interactive campaign program from scratch that would motivate and activate a disparate rare disease community? What if you couldn't make fancy T-shirts and all the good awareness ribbon colors were already claimed? In that case, you'd have to start from the bottom–literally.

Together with Genzyme, a Sanofi Company, we laced up our thinking shoes and created Steps ahead of Gaucher—an innovative social campaign that distributed iconic green shoelaces as awareness totems for Gaucher disease, a lysosomal storage disorder.

Affecting only about 5500 people in the United States, awareness of Gaucher Disease is minimal, something our Steps Ahead campaign sought to rectify.

The site allowed users to order their own set of laces, and featured DIY instructions to transform the laces into a bracelet for those who preferred to wear their support on their wrists.

Once users received their laces, we asked them to share a photo of them in action–and share they did. In the month the campaign was active, the site received over 700 unique uploads, many featuring groups of people showing off their lace support.

Addictive, social, shareable, and just plain fun, over 15,000 laces were distributed, and the website and photos of people wearing their laces were shared countless times on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. The site also reinforced Genzyme’s leadership in Gaucher and served as a rallying point for individuals, patient organizations, and employees.