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Kyowa Kirin cares

Next-level oncology care: launching a life-changing cancer support service.

High-touch support for a high-value product.

Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) is a difficult-to-manage cancer that can unexpectedly metastasize and threaten patients’ lives. And as a condition that is frequently overlooked or inappropriately managed, it’s critical to help patients and physicians successfully navigate long-term monitoring and care. To support the best-in-class launch for its CTCL product, POTELIGEO® (mogamulizumab-kpkc), Kyowa Kirin simultaneously launched a best-in-class patient support program: Kyowa Kirin Cares.

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Creating a meaningful connection and a lasting relationship.

Kyowa Kirin Cares was designed to help patients with CTCL manage the burden of their disease through ongoing touch points focused on lifestyle support.

Through unique online and “high touch” relationship management systems, the program was customized for a wide range of patients, including those who were less likely to frequent online channels.

Ultimately, the program helped patients beginning POTELIGEO understand the benefits of treatment and established Kyowa Kirin as a partner in their disease management. But the program went further than that—it identified Kyowa Kirin and POTELIGEO as patient champions in an environment where hope was in short supply and patients faced the daunting challenges posed by rare cancers. Kyowa Kirin Cares grew to be more than just a support program—it became a valued lifeline to patients with CTCL and their families.

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Measuring success

Through search engine optimization, the use of search engine marketing ads, and referral traffic from and, has received an impressive amount of traffic in the few months following launch.

The website has received more than 400 unique visitors (a high number for a rare cancer) and more than 1400 page views. has also received a high level of engagement, with 24% of unique visitors downloading enrollment forms.


“Using our deep understanding of our users and their journeys with CTCL, we were able to create a support services website to specifically meet their needs—and this was extremely gratifying for our team.”

Kate Pelaggi, copy supervisor