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Sanofi Genzyme

Innovative social campaign: distribute green shoelaces to bolster a community and raise disease awareness.

Unknown? Unseen? Under the gun?

What if you had 1 month to create an interactive campaign program from scratch that would motivate and activate a disparate rare disease community?

Stepping up to raise awareness

Together with Genzyme, a Sanofi Company, we created Steps ahead of Gaucher—an innovative social campaign that distributed iconic green shoelaces as awareness totems for Gaucher disease, a rare lysosomal storage disorder.

The campaign site enabled users to order their own set of laces, and featured DIY instructions to transform the laces into a bracelet for those who preferred to wear their support on their wrists. Once they received their laces, we asked users to share a photo of them in action.

The site reinforced Genzyme’s leadership in Gaucher and served as a rallying point for individuals, patient organizations, and employees.

Project stats.

photos in 3 days (Not bad for a rare disease)
laces were distributed