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Getting to the heart of renal leadership.

As the world's leading phosphate binder, Renvela® (sevelamer carbonate) has successfully defined the chronic kidney disease (CKD) landscape, as well as effectively framed the consequences of binder therapy choice.

Renvela continues to lead the way through breadth of clinical data and ongoing research.

For over 6 years, we’ve been proud to help the brand–and Sanofi Renal–maintain its commitment to superior science, personalized service, and unequaled support for the CKD and nephrology communities.

All Renvela promotional materials are designed to communicate brand positioning across audiences–and continents.

Besides a product campaign, we also developed an extensive disease campaign to help quickly communicate the threat of calcification in CKD patients receiving dialysis.

Graphic and haunting, this work broke through at medical meetings and drew large amounts of traffic.

Together with Sanofi Renal, we have developed health-literate communications for patients, dieticians, and other critical audiences that successfully dimensionalize the promise of Renvela therapy.

And it doesn't always have to be deadly serious.

Renvela continues its global leadership in the nephrology space and recently achieved over 1 billion dollars in global sales in 2012 for the first time in its history. As the agency’s longest-standing client relationship, we are proud to work closely with Sanofi Renal to continue the tradition of innovation, support, and superior patient care.